Searchlight CCP plugin documentation

This is Fuel-CCP plugin for OpenStack Searchlight service.

Original searchlight service developer docs placed here.


The Searchlight project provides indexing and search capabilities across OpenStack resources. Its goal is to achieve high performance and flexible querying combined with near real-time indexing. It uses Elasticsearch, a real-time distributed indexing and search engine built on Apache Lucene, but adds OpenStack authentication and Role Based Access Control to provide appropriate protection of data.

CCP plugin has two components for searchlight service:

  • searchlight-api
  • searchlight-listener

So searchlight docker images are the following:

  • ccp/searchlight-api
  • ccp/searchlight-listener

You can deploy them with other components using Quick Start.


Searchlight depends on several services:

  • Elasticsearch. Searchlight services depends on elasticsearch service, which should be deployed on env before searchlight installation. To deploy elasticsearch, it should be specified in CCP config file in components’ list and (optionally, if you specified repositories manually) add next repo to repositories repos’ list:

    name: fuel-ccp-stacklight
  • Indexed services. Searchlight builds index on observed services, so should be deployed after them - index will be not complete with all resources from observed resources instead.


Searchlight provides indexing and searching for several services, listed here. CCP plugin allows to specify, which services searchlight will handle. For enabling/disabling service, which you want to index and listen for updates, you need to change value<desirable service> to true in services/files/defaults.yaml (and false to disable). After that you need to restart searchlight components and corresponding api component of service you enabled in config, if you already deployed components.


To install and configure searchlight service, you should follow next steps:

  1. Ensure, that elasticsearch is ready to use. You can, for example, list all indices:

    curl -X GET elasticsearch.ccp:<elasticport>/_cat/indices?v

    where elasticport is elasticsearch port, which can be found with command:

    kubectl get svc elasticsearch -o yaml | awk '/port:/ {print $NF}'

    and it equals to 9200 by default.

    You’ll get table with next header (if you don’t use elasticsearch before, table will be empty):

    health status index pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size

  2. Add searchlight-api and searchlight-listener services to your CCP configuration file (e.g. .ccp.yaml).

  3. Deploy these components with command:

    ccp deploy -c searchlight-api searchlight-listener

    and wait until their won’t be available.

  4. Install python-searchlightclient and also install/update python-openstackclient with pip:

    pip install --user -U python-searchlightclient python-openstackclient
  5. Check availability of searchlight with command openstack search resource type list, which will display all supported resource types to search.

Dashboard plugin

Searchlight has horizon dashboard plugin, which allows you to search and filter resources and get detailed information about it. It already available in horizon and activates, when searchlight is on board. Search panel places in Projects menu.