Designate CCP plugin documentation

This is Fuel-CCP plugin for OpenStack Designate service.

Original designate service developer docs are placed here.


Designate provides DNSaaS services for OpenStack. Designate architecture has next components:

  • designate-api – provides the standard OpenStack style REST API service;
  • designate-central – is the service that handles RPC requests via the MQ, it coordinates the persistent storage of data and applies business logic to data from the API;
  • designate-mdns – is the service that sends DNS NOTIFY and answers zone transfer (AXFR) requests;
  • designate-pool-manager – is a service that handles the states of the DNS servers Designate manages. Since mitaka replaced with designate-worker service;
  • designate-zone-manager – is a service that handles all periodic tasks related to the zone shard it is responsible for;
  • designate-sink – is an optional service which listens for event notifications, such as compute.instance.create.end. Currently supports Nova and Neutron;
  • designate-agent – pool manager agent backend. This is an optional service. Agent uses an extension of the DNS protocol to send management requests to the remote agent processes, where the requests will be processed.

CCP components comprises next services:

  • designate-api;
  • designate-central;
  • designate-mdns, which contains three containers: designate-mdns service, designate-worker and designate-backend-bind9 - container, which implements bind9 backend for designate. All of them works in collaboration and provide ability to create and manage zones and records;
  • designate-agent;
  • designate-sink;
  • designate-pool-manager;
  • designate-zone-manager.

Three last services are optional and can’t be omitted during deployment.


Designate has configurable options for each component, which could be set for specific node with nodes configs section. These options are: workers and threads. They are placed in designate.service.<service name>.<workers or threads> configs path. Also, designate CCP plugin allows to configure defaults of domain purge: interval, batch_size and time threshold.

CCP designate plugin has bind9 backend implemented; it enabled by default with option designate.backend. If you want to turn off any backend, clear option’s value - then fake backend, which has no effect for designate will be enabled.


Currently designate CCP plugin is not supported by default, so installation has next steps:

  1. Add next item to repositories.repos list of CCP configuration file:

    - git_url:
      name: fuel-ccp-designate
  2. Add designate components to roles list. Next components are required:

    - designate-api
    - designate-central
    - designate-mdns

    Components designate-sink, designate-agent, designate-zone-manager and designate-pool-manager are optional and could not be deployed.

  3. Fetch, build, deploy components.

  4. Install python-designateclient and also install/update python-openstackclient with pip:

    pip install --user -U python-designateclient python-openstackclient

Dashboard plugin

Designate has horizon dashboard plugin, which allows to create and manage domains and records. It is already available in horizon and is activated when designate is on board. Domain panel is placed in Projects menu.