Neutron Configuration

This guide provides instructions on configuring Neutron with Fuel-CCP.

Tenant network types

By default Neutron is configured to use VxLAN segmentation but it is possible to specify other network types like VLAN or flat.

To do so add the following lines to the configs.neutron section of the CCP configuration file:

    - "vlan"
    - "vxlan"

Here tenant_network_types is an ordered list of network types to allocate as tenant networks. Enabling several network types allows creating networks with --provider:network_type equalling one of these types, if --provider:network_type is not specified then the first type from the tenant_network_types list will be used.

It is also possible to specify VxLAN VNI and VLAN ID ranges.

VxLAN VNI ranges are configured in configs.neutron.ml2 section with default range being “1:1000”.

    - "vxlan"
    - "1000:5000"

VLAN ranges are configured per each physical network in the configs.neutron.physnets section:

  - name: "physnet1"
    bridge_name: "br-ex"
    interface: "eno2"
    flat: false
    vlan_range: "1050:2050"
    dpdk: false

For more information on configuring physical networks refer to the QuickStart Guide.