Diagnostic snapshot

In fuel-ccp/tools directory you can find tool called diagnostic-snapshot.sh. This tool helps to collect some debug data about your environment. You can run it with:

./tools/diagnostic_snapshot -n <namespace> -o <output_dir> -c <ccp_config>


Short option Long option Description
-n –namespace deployment namespace
-o –output-dir directory where diagnostic snapshot will be saved
-c –config should point to Fuel-ccp config file
-h –help print help

This tool collect some basic data about:

  • k8s objects in kube-system and ccp namespaces:
    • pods
    • services
    • jobs
    • kubelet logs
  • system:
    • diskspace
    • network configuration
    • cpu info/load
    • sysctl info
  • docker:
    • logs
    • list of images
    • running containers
    • stats
  • ccp:
    • status output

This script automatically create directory provided as parameter for -o option and archive file in it with all collected data. The name of this file is created with template: <datetime>-diagnostic.tar.gz