Application definition contribution guide

This document gives high overview of component repository structure.


CCP provides wide spectrum of operations for microservices manipulations on Kubernetes cluster. Each microservice is an independent component with common architecture. Whole data releated to component can be found in the corresponding repository. The full list of the related components can be found by link, where each repository has prefix fuel-ccp-*.


Component repositories have common structure:

2. Application definition files

All application definition files should be located in the service/ directory, as a component_name.yaml file, for example:


Please refer to Application definition language for detailed description of CCP DSL syntax.

4. Shared configurations templates

You can export and share across all fuel-ccp-x repositories the most common parts of configs which are needed to use your service. In order to do this you should locate a jinja macros with a config template in ./exports/ directory:


and then use it in a config file of any other repository:

{{ your_jinja_template.your_macros() }}

Well known shared template is oslo_messaging